There following are some answers to questions we often encounter:

I have a home in a very nice neighborhood, but it isn't selling. How can you help?

We buy the property with a small down payment and owner financing. This allows you the seller to profit significantly over time because of the interest they are paid on a monthly basis.

What if I am more than two months behind on my mortgage payments?

If you are falling behind on your mortgage payments we specialize in negotiating with your lender to save you from bankruptcy and foreclosure proceedings. Many times we can get you CA$H to assist you in your relocation!

I need cash for my home now, can you help?

If you need to sell quickly and you have equity, we can make an All Cash offer. When we pay cash we buy at a discount, and we buy in "As Is" condition. We can close quickly with no contingencies.

How can you help me manage my second home?

Our goal is to do whatever we can to make second home ownership easier and less stressful, from simple maintenance to opening and stocking your home with your selections of food and household items before you arrive. We can organize and monitor repairs and service personnel to perform needed services prior to your arrival, reducing your distractions and obligations while here.

How can I make my second home a revenue producer?

We can manage the process of listing your property for rent, screen potential tenants, collect rents, conduct periodic inspections and perform needed maintenance.

How do I know that I can trust you?

In our initial phone conversation, you don't know us and we don't know you. Our objective with a new client is to build a relationship, to make each of us feel comfortable. We (unlike most "We Buy Homes" people) will spend as much time as you desire on the phone to answer all your questions and get to know you and your situation. 95% of the time we can offer you several options on how to buy or sell a home. We want you to fully understand what these options are. If we have a mutual interest in one of our options for you, we will set up a time to meet face to face so we can build our relationship even further.

If for whatever reason you are not comfortable with us or vice versa, we shake hands and go our seperate ways. Whether we decide to conduct business together or not, we are available to answer any questions you may have to assist you in your final decision. I encourage every single person that contacts us with their real estate needs to call the other "We Buy Homes" people before making a decision to work with Tuscany Properties. We understand how the "other people" operate and you should too! All our paperwork was drafted by a real estate attorney. You receive a copy, we receive a copy, we get the paperwork notorized together and file it with the county clerk so that it is 100% legally binding. We will also provide you with references upon request.

I don't really understand how a lease option works?

A lease/option is us taking possession of a property by leasing it from you for a pre-determined number of years (usually 3 to 5) with an option to buy at a pre-determined price. We retain the right to sub-lease to a new pre-screened tenant/buyer, giving them the right to purchase from us. This method of leasing is known in the industry as a "Sandwich Lease."

How do I know my mortgage payments will be made?

That is our guarantee to you! This is why it is so important for us to build a relationship we are both comfortable with. Again, all the paperwork is a legally binding contract. We have an escrow account set up with an escrow company that will collect from us and pay the mortgage company. This helps tenant/buyers build their credit to eventually purchase the home. We can also pay you directly so you are assured the payments are made in a timely manner or we can pay direct to the lender so you don't have to deal with "another bill", whichever you are most comfortable with. Don't forget, references are available upon request.

When will you sell the house?

It is up to the tenant/buyer as to when they exercise their option to purchase the home based on the pre-determined time frame set up in the lease agreement. Many people buy homes in this manner because their credit is poor and they cannot qualify for traditional bank financing. By running their payments through the escrow company, as explained in the previous question, we can help them build up their credit. The escrow company then contacts us when they are eligable to apply for a bank loan. This usually happens within a 2 year time frame, sometimes less, sometimes more. We get compensated when they purchase, so obviously we try to get them qualified for bank financing through one of our lenders as soon as possible. In the meantime your payments are being made so you are not tied to the home financially.

Why Colorado Mountain Home Services if you are buying?
Interest rates are just slightly off of their 30 year lows. With traditional financing you must have good credit with employment seasoned by the same company for one year or more before most banks or lenders will even allow you to fill out an application. They will require W-2 employer statements, tax returns, verification of funds in your bank, investment accounts and letters of explanation on anything less than perfect credit just to name a few. Qualifying for a traditional bank loan is a nightmare to most consumers. There are many people who earn a descent income but have made mistakes or have had problems in the past. Some just refuse to deal with banks and mortgage companies because of their guidelines to qualify and it seems to take forever. If you have been through a foreclosure on a previous home, been through a bankruptcy, have less than good credit or are self-employed, banks won't even speak with you.

None of that matters at Colorado Mountain Home Services. All we are concerned with is that you earn enough to make the monthly payments. Traditional FHA or VA loans require a minimum of 10% down but usually 20% cash up front on your new home if you can qualify. With our lease/option program, you can get into the type of home you want in the area you want for only 2% to 5% down depending on the home and the area. That money is applied toward the purchase price at current market value at the end of your lease agreement.

Be a homeowner, not just a tenant throwing your money out the window paying rent. We help you build your credit by paying through our escrow company and they inform us when you are eligable to qualify for traditional bank financing to purchase your home. Obviously you must be making your lease payments, as well as your other monthly obligations, in a timely manner to increase your credit rating. Your option consideration (2% to 5% down) is non-refundable money paid to Colorado Mountain Home Services upon signing the lease agreement. If you decide not to purchase the home at the end of the lease for whatever reason (known as exercising your option to purchase) we give you the choice of renewing the lease or moving on and we've had many clients do just that. 3% to 5% down is not much more, if any, than a security deposit on an apartment or rental property. Think of it as test driving your home. If you're unsure of the future, the area or the home, you can just walk away. If this home is right for you, exercise your option to purchase and the home is yours. 

How can you afford to get people into homes for such a small amount of money down?

We are a small company with a small staff. We do not have an expensive sales office and we do not pay out high sales commissions. Also, there are no closing costs to you or us. Remember, you are dealing with Colorado Mountain Home Services not banks and mortgage companies.