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Home Sellers

We buy with owner financing (terms): We buy the property with a small down payment and owner financing. This allows the seller to profit significantly over time because of the interest they are paid on a monthly basis.

We buy with our lease option program: With the lease option program we make your monthly payments and maintain your property in good condition until such a time that it sells. With this program the seller maintains all the benefits of landlording, such as depreciation and interest write-offs, without the hassles. We become your perfect tenant with on-time payments to you every month.

We buy all cash: If you need to sell quickly and you have equity, we can make an all cash offer. When we pay cash we buy at a discount, and we buy in "As Is" condition. We can close quickly with no contingencies.

We assist with homeowners behind on payments: If you are falling behind on your mortgage payments we specialize in negotiating with your lender to save you from bankruptcy and foreclosure proceedings. Many times we can get you CA$H to assist you in your relocation!

Home Buyers

Do you want to own a home.....

    Do you have credit problems?<
    Are you self-employed or a new business owner?

Then we can help!

With our Lease-Purchase program, or other owner-financed solutions, we can make your dream of owning a home come true.

With these programs there are:

  • No Banks
  • No Qualifying
  • Quick Approvals
  • Self-employment OK

Contact us to begin assisting you in owning a home.
All information is strictly confidential.


Property Management

We offer full service Property Management for vacation rentals, long term rentals and non-rental properties throughout Chaffee County. We provide services to homeowners who are interested in maximizing the value of their home through a rental program, or simply looking to protect their investment by allowing us to inspect and care for their property while they are away. We not only strive to maximize rental income, we also focus on complete care and property maintenance.

Please contact us for more information on our property management services or to schedule a consultation.

Services Available:

Inspections and Security Checks

Snow Removal

Yard Care

Housekeeping Service

Rental Management

Rental and Lease Consulting

Year Round Property Maintenance

Hot Tub Maintenance

Concierge services

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